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Sun Room Makeover – Week 6 Updates

Time for a quick update for our Sun room makeover! 

I was playing catch up last week, and finally got around to checking in with the other bloggers at Calling it Home, where to my surprise I discovered that due to the recent natural disasters across the country, we would be given a one week extension for our projects.  

Bittersweet news to discover.  As always we are sending our thoughts, prayers, love and support to everyone who has been affected by these incredible forces of nature.  This is a great reminder of how precious our environment is and just how delicate our ecosystems are.  A great reminder to continue to be diligent in any all efforts to recycle, go green, buy Eco-friendly products, drive less, walk more, buy local, eat less meat, plant a tree, use reusable bags and water bottles, go solar, and of course to also help in any way we can, those affected by natural disasters including volunteering and donating money or needed items to the recovery efforts.  Once again sending our prayers and love!   

So with an extra week until our final reveal, for now the sun room update…

Last week, I was standing in the room, admiring how beautiful it had become so far, with the white paint and painted concrete floor, and I just couldn’t get past how terrible these two sliding doors were. 

One leads into the kitchen and one leads into the living room. This is what they look like from the other side.  Really ugly. 

I had always kind of thought I could eventually replace them with really pretty french doors, but unfortunately that wasn’t in the budget this time around.  And then it occurred to me, we could just REMOVE the doors for very little money. 


So with what I originally thought was a little over ONE WEEK to finish, (but is now two weeks, yay!)  I decided to go big or go home, and take on this much more involved renovation in the Sun Room. 

But check out the payoff for a little extra work!  

The whole living area of the house feels so open now, with great flow between the living room, kitchen, and now the sun room, we even made this doorway a little wider. 

The only problem now is that the view from my light and airy sun room is directly into this dark and dingy kitchen area. 

And I couldn’t have that in my One Room Challenge finale photos! So, the one room challenge became the One and half Room Challenge, and we are (at least) tackling this wall paper fiasco in our kitchen! 

We also started on the floors finally!

And Mario turned this bookcase…

Into this beauty… And just a tiny sneak peak into our final reveal…

That’s all for this week!  Go check out and send some love to all the other participants at Calling It Home!




4 thoughts on “Sun Room Makeover – Week 6 Updates

  1. Amazing what a difference taking those sliding doors out!! Such great creativity! I may ask for your advice when we start to paint the inside of our house. Love what you are doing šŸ’Ÿ

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